Me & Larry Mcpherson are happy to say that we pulled this of and finally got this project
finalized . Larry and i have had this  project in the works for  well over a year . When Larry  
contacted me for the first time
we talked it over on the phone about doing such a project .At the time he set out to see if he
could hire me to do the build for there organization i told him i would get some prices on
materials and labor to do the job
i had thought it over after i had got prices on materials and  i decided that i would donate my
time and labor towards the cause if they supplied the materials beings there only a small group
of people trying to keep the  history alive of the pony express .This i also wanted to do
because Ive always wanted to build something that is larger than life in size .This is now the
largest silhouette to date that Ive ever built. It stands 10 ft tall x 12 ft long and weights approx.
1100 lbs. i told a few friends about what i was about to get involved with and everyone that i
talked to got excited about it and wanted to be a part in it  i thought it was amazing how much
help we received . Special thanks to all that donated there time and efforts towards the cause  
List of  the people who donated there time and efforts  are  myself Bill Muerle Decorative Iron
Plus /Larry Mcpherson /Lyon County room tax board/ DIS Backhoe service Vuki Wilson/A-One
window cleaning Steve goss/ Pauls paint shop / Capital City Concreate/Pay Geary Valley View
Ranch/ Bill Miles Construction
Phill Cowee land development /  Please anyone who might have an up coming project please
help support all that donated there time and efforts towards the cause this would be greatly
                                                        Thank you all  for participating
                                                                 Sincerely Bill Muerle
We are happy to say that it is now
finalized the rider is now in place
on the hilltop off hwy 50 east at the Carson city
/lyon co. Line  and can be viewed from the hwy.
And today it was dedicated as a new piece of the
pony express history .And it makes me feel
proud to have been a part of this
                Bill Muerle
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