My discloser ; please take note that i am not a contractor only a metal fabricator /
metal artist & will build it to your specifications & desires as close as i can .
IrecommendD that all installations be performed by a qualified contractor
Please note:
CALL TODAY 775-267-1171 OR 775-720-1495
and welcome to my web pages i just thought id wright a few words about
myself Bio and give the heads up on who i am and what i do . I was  born
back in 1956  yes I'm a baby boomer and have no regrets growing up in this
Ara  back when things were simple with out electronic devices and you
scratched it out on paper to figure it out . my welding started when i was
13 years old i looked over and seen my neighbor out in his garage doing
something  that was creating a bright flash and i wanted to know what
he was doing . he said lord forbid what ever you do dont look at the arc
well you figured right he was arc welding so he said if you want to watch
here is a shield you can watch me weld with  after he finished what he
was doing he said to me  you want to give it a try ? and i said heck yes so
he showed me a few fundamental things and next thing  you know i got
the hang of it like a duck to water . a few weeks later i asked him if i
could make a mini bike i had a lawn mower motor and a bicycle  next
thing you know hes helping build my first fabrication project and i did
all the welding myself .
by the time i hit high school  i signed up for welding and learned a great
deal from my teacher . as a sophomore in welding one class is learning
shop safety and how to use  shop tools and torch welding after  learning
some of that stuff one day i seen these booths  further back in the shop
so i decided to take a look and there behold what was it it was an arc
welding machine identical to what i learned on so i wonder back in the
booth and  welded up a few pieces  and brought them up to the teacher
i said to him what do you think about this ? he said where did you get
those i said i just welded them back in the booth . he said your not sup
post to be useing those until 11th and 12th grades  but he wanted to know
how i knew how to use those machines so i told him about my neighbor
showing me how to  he was so intrigued he took me under his wing and
showed me i could weld as good as he could   so thats how i got my start
in welding.
in that time ara i wanted to become a motor cycle mech. i went to a            
collaged  and   received a certificate  but later on out i got hired on as a
helper for automotive repair  and ended up an automotive tech. and did it
for 34 years however i still dabled as a side line all my life doing welding
and building thing for others . 15 years ago i quit my automotive repair
job and thought id give it a go doing welding and fabrication work  and  
buying equipment threw the years and ended up buying a cnc plasma
table  then i added this for art work stuff and got involed building hand
railings and gates and  i do hot rod fabrications and still dable in some
automotive repair stuff . so i guess  you can call me a gear head artist  i
love being creative and do the other stuff alot of other  fabricators  
wont do . so if you have an off the wall idea i more than likely can pull it
off and build it . its only nuts n bolts a bend here a cut there and a weld
away from the completed project   
                thank you for taking the time out to read my bio